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"When I first came to a chiropractor my back was hurting all the time. The spasms interfered with my daily routine and affected playing with my kids. Since beginning my chiropractic adjustments I have felt so much better. I have my life back again. I have more energy, and the pain is gone!"

- Actual Chula Vista Patient

Pacific Coast Injury Group is a State of California registered Chiropractic Referral Service with highly skilled and respected chiropractors, many with up to 30 years in practice. We are proud to have two past Presidents of the San Diego Chapter of the California Chiropractic Association, and past recipients of the San Diego County Chiropractic Society's New Doctor of the Year Award, as well as professional speakers, authors and worker's compensation experts among our members.

Pacific Coast Injury Group is comprised of independently owned and operated chiropractic offices strategically located throughout San Diego County, Imperial and Riverside Counties, to offer the most convenient access to a chiropractor.

Our chiropractors are not only experienced chiropractors, but many also specialize in areas such as:

Active Release Techniques (ART) Nutritional Guidance
Cox Technique Pre and Post Natal Spine Care
McKenzie Technique Sports Physiotherapy
Med-x Spinal Rehabilitation Thompson Technique
NIMMO-Receptor Tonus Technique Trigger Point Therapy

Whether you are looking for accident recovery, sports or work place injury repair, or generally improved health, Pacific Coast Injury Group is here to serve you ... Please take a look at our chiropractors and see all that we have to offer.

If you need services on lien outside of San Diego, El Centro or Temecula, please contact us.

Current Events

PCIG Continues to Grow in order to meet the needs of legal community seeking highly experienced chiropractic care on lien.

We've grown again with the addition of Dr. Kristy Cadava. Located in South San Diego, she offers convenient access for South Bay, west Chula Vista, Imperial Beach and San Ysidro patients. Dr. Cadava not only specializes in car accident injury (personal injury) care on lien but also brings extensive experience working with injured workers and is a well respected treatment provider working with many of San Diego's best Worker's Compensation attorneys.

Not only does PCIG offer Spanish speaking offices, but Rancho Bernardo office Herring Chiropractic speaks Farsi and Spanish.

New Addition in Carlsbad - Paul Hodgson, DC owner of New Wave Chiropractic has just brought in Associate Arielle Rubinoff DC to better serve the needs of the Carlsbad and the surrounding communities.

Dr. Derek Brunton, DC Escondido - After 30+ years of adjusting and helping thousands of patients recover from injuries, many due to poor workout routines, caused him to embark on a fitness journey. Dr. Brunton made it his goal to seek out a regimen of body motion and movements that would protect, not injure their spine, but couldn't find one. His journey began by spending hours studying medical research and exercise science journals to see what exercises could strengthen the human frame, increase core strength, thus protecting and reinforcing the spine. This prompted him to develop functional movements using multiple body parts to put together a unique exercise program. People worldwide have commented that they've never seen anything like this anywhere except in Escondido! Performed by Dr. Brunton himself, he hopes to slowly release these unique human movements and original exercises to the public utilizing his blog, and YouTube channel. These exercises emphasize core strength and spinal protection while also giving attention to grip strength and balance. Both of which have been proven to allow you to live better as well as increase longevity.

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